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About Me

My name is Kendall Richter from Manhattan Beach, CA. I moved to Victor full time in July of 2021 after spending two summers here. I fell in love with the mountains, the fishing, hiking and most of all the lifestyle and people of the Valley. I trained as an Xformer Pilates instructor at Coreology in my hometown of Manhattan Beach. Before becoming a certified instructor, I was an avid pilates taker for over 5 years and finally took the leap to instructor in 2020. I wanted to bring my love for Xformer Pilates to the Valley, and share this amazing workout with the active people here. I believe in a healthy body, healthy mind mentality and I hope to share my passion for pilates with the people of Teton Valley. 

About the workout

Peak Xformer Pilates is a 50 minute full body workout with emphasis on the Core Muscles. A modern twist on classical pilates, we use the Xformer machine to target abs, obliques, arms, and glutes with controlled movements. The goal is to push muscles to their fatigue limit for maximum effectiveness. All classes are one-on-one with a trained Xformer Pilates instructor. 


Intro Class: (one-time purchase only) : $55 

Single Class Purchase: 30 Minute ($50) or 50 minute ($85)

5 Class Pack 30 minute Session: $225 ($45/class)

5 Class Pack 50 minute Session: $400 ($80/class)

10 Class Pack 30 minute Session: $450 ($45/class)

10 Class Pack 50 minute Session: $800 ($80/class)

5 Punch 30 minute WT PT/5 Punch 30 minute Pilates$800

5 Punch 60 minute WT PT/5 Punch 50 minute Pilates: $450

Once class purchase is made, email kendall@pxpvictor.com to schedule your session

Contact Us


(310) 486-0981

Where we are located

Located at Wright Training in Victor, Idaho